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There’s not much to say here in this section of the MCC blog. We’ve built the best nightclub events listings for you on the MCC app. It’s incredibly easy to discover new events and clubs. But our users are so awesome, we want to make it a doddle for them!

The Must-Attend Nightclub Events each week

That’s why we are starting MCC Event Picks, the place where the My Club Connect team scours our database to give you what we think are the must attends each week. You can trust us because, well, we know everything that’s happening at pretty much every nightclub 😉

Themed Nightclub Events – all on MCC Event Picks 😉

In addition we will be doing themed posts when there is a special day on the horizon. Special day = special events. Think Halloween, think Christmas, think Bank Holiday weekends. Everyone wants to know what’s on at these times, but there is rarely a resource that makes this easy for them. Thank us later 😀

We hope you’re looking forward to seeing the best events on each week! Don’t forget to let us know if you attended one and how it was! #MyClubConnect #MCCEventPicks

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