Uber has lost its London licence! Clubbers need a taxi app alternative to Uber!

We are sure that most London clubbers, like us, have relied upon Uber to get them out of a tight spot after a big night out. Yet, after losing its London licence, Uber may no longer be an option! Us clubbers need a taxi app alternative to Uber!

So, what are clubbers to do now? For the majority of us, London black cabs are not an option, waaaaaaay too expensive for our shallow, f***ed up the a*** by rent pockets. Well, MyClubConnect is here with some other options that may just do the trick ????

1. Gett

With Gett, us clubbers will find it is not really a taxi app alternative to Uber as the concept and service are pretty much the same – but with some benefits. We will never pay “surge” fares. The surge is what it’s called when prices are hiked due to a scarcity of drivers, bad weather and lots of traffic (never liked that one!). Also, sharing the Gett app with friends gets you free rides as opposed to just money off subsequent rides. Furthermore you can book for now or for later (up to 2 weeks in advance – but the spontaneous nights are the best).

However, Gett only uses licensed black cabs so is also much more expensive on average. The fact that these cabs are licensed however is part of the reason why Uber has lost its license in London and why many of you may have reservations about using Uber. So, if you’ve got the dough, Gett’s your guy. If you don’t, you may wanna read on.

2. mytaxi

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be an enormous amount of difference between mytaxi and Gett. Both have very similar principles and both use licensed black cabbies with completed CRB checks. The only big difference is that you can book up to 4 weeks in advance as opposed to the 2 of Gett (not sure how useful this is to us clubbers).

But the big news is mytaxi want our business, they know that black cabs are expensive, and they want to be out taxi app alternative to Uber! mytaxi has already responded to the news of Uber’s revoked licence by offering 50 per cent off fares! You can also save £10 on your first trip with the code ‘myfirstmytaxi’. It’s available on both iOS and Android.

3. Addison Lee

We all know Addison Lee, the minicab service. Reliable, but expensive. It is perfect if you’re heading TO the club in a large group – not so much if you’re desperate to get home and wavy from the night…

4. Kabbee

Basically, taxi app alternative to Uber with benefits galore for us clubbers! 65% cheaper than a black cab. Over 70 providers and 10,000 cabs in London, chances are there is one nearby. Book from 5 minutes to 3 months ahead: big cars, small cars, flash cars, green cars. Pay by card, cash or account. Licensed, vetted partners. Customer ratings strike off poor fleets. 24/7 support. Tracking and realtime location. Furthermore – they employ something similar to a loyalty card in supermarkets where you earn credit to use on future journeys based on miles travelled with the app. Hell yeah! Apparently they even ask themselves ‘would we be happy with every driver taking our grandmother home?’ ????


Let’s all get a Kabbee if mytaxi’s price reductions turn out to be just a short-term ploy for our business.

MCC love x


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