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What is MyClubConnect?

MyClubConnect is an app currently available on iOS and Android with over 2,500 upcoming events across hundreds of London nightclubs.
That makes it the biggest listing for London on any platform! Here are a few screenshots of the app:

We've spent the last year building the platform because we feel the industry needs a change, clubbers need an easier way to discover clubbing events and nightclubs need a more direct way of reaching people who want to go out, without all the limitations of social networks like Facebook!
We love clubbing and during the past year we've seen so many of our beloved nightclubs close down - THIS CAN'T HAPPEN! Which is why we've made the platform FREE FOR EVERYONE!
CLUBBING IS PART OF OUR CULTURE! The culture of discovering new music, new friends and new experiences.

The Clubbers

A platform made solely for clubbing events, no gigs, no concerts, no comedy shows.

  • All the clubbing events in 1 easy to use discovery app - no need for hours of research to find a good night out
  • Social features to more easily plan nights out with friends
  • Rewarded for going clubbing, check-in to events to earn points towards free entries

Nightclubs and Promoters

Promote your events on a platform made specifically for clubbing.

  • Take control of your venue and promoter profile
  • Manage all your event listings
  • Send direct notifications to clubbers
  • Push your events higher up the listing
  • Get more reach through targeted featured events

Venue and Promoter Profile

Ensure clubbers have up to date information about your venue or brand.

  • Address
  • Email
  • Website
  • Contact Number
  • Capacity
  • Social Links

Clubbers want to see what the venue is like, showcase your venue or brand with photos and a video.

Manage all your event listings

Clubbers expect to know more about events before they attend, especially if they've never been before.
Add as many clubbing events as you want to our listing, with the ability to update any events we already list for you.
We'll encourage you to include the following information in each event:

  • Event Times
  • Entry Prices
  • Music Policy
  • Dress Code
  • Online Ticket Availability
  • Drinks Offers

You'll be able to set defaults for each field, making it easy for you to keep events up to date.
Clubbers can filter events by music genres, price, closing time etc. so its important to have as many fields as possible included in your events.

Send direct notifications to clubbers

Clubbers will be encouraged to check-in to events through the app.
In the weeks after the event, you will be able to send everyone who has checked-in a custom notification message promoting upcoming events.
We feel this is a key part of encouraging clubbers to go on more nights out, as a result this feature is FREE to use!
To ensure the best possible experience for clubbers, the platform will have customisable settings on how many notifications can be received.
Promoting to clubbers who have enjoyed a great night out at your event is much more effective than trying to reach people who have liked/followed your page through social networks like Facebook.

More check-ins will push your events higher up the listing

Clubbers check-in & gain points

To encourage clubbers to check-in they will earn points every time they go out, leading to a free entry

For example,

  • A clubber check-ins to 4 events costing £5 each
  • They would have gained enough points to get a free £5 entry
  • Clubbers will gain extra points if they use their free entry in the venues they earned the points - encouraging venue loyalty

Events eligible for free entry can be found easily using the search filter.
Clubbers can redeem their points through the app a minimum of X hours before the start of the event, X is completely controlled by you.
You'll be able to set a maximum number of free entries for each individual event.
A list of people who have redeemed free entry will be available on your profile, with an email sent to you once the maximum is reached or the redeemption period closes.

Get more reach through targeted featured events

If you wish to reach even more people, you can create a paid featured event.
Everyone that sees your featured event is specifically looking for somewhere to go clubbing.
You will be able to target:

  • Specific areas where people have gone out in the past
  • Clubbers who prefer a music genre(s)
  • Age ranges
  • Gender

If you have any questions outside of the register your interest form above, you can contact us on any of our social media listed below or email [email protected]


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