Getting closer to Launch! MyClubConnect app is almost here!

My dayz haven’t we learned a lot! The different hats we’ve had to wear, the amount of juggling… but it is without a doubt exciting, especially when you can see the MyClubConnect app coming together and traction starting to build 😉

We finally announced the MyClubConnect prototype app last week and it was great to get people’s initial reactions. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and our conclusion is that we are on to a massive winner! 😀

Admittedly it is scary being so much closer to launch and our fear of failure has definitely increased. It is also incredibly frustrating to see how much people are baying for our product when are so close yet so far from launch – why can’t it just be ready! But this is part of the journey and it is giving us extra impetus to succeed (not that we needed any more!)

We just want to give you a super quick overview of MyClubConnect if you haven’t heard about it all already. The main product is an app that we believe will revolutionise the nightclub industry. It is called MyClubConnect and even the prototype contains the most complete and accurate nightclub events listing in the UK. It will then become the perfect advertising platform for nightclubs in the UK to promote directly to clubbers that are looking to go out in the venue’s vicinity.

We have completed plenty of market research to find out what information events lack and clubbers want in their search for nights out. The fields that we will provide for the clubs to accompany their events encompasses every bit of information that clubbers need in a fantastic yet simple format.

Historically, nightclubs have been terrible at online advertising with disjointed social media accounts and below-par websites and they end up having to rely on their regular client base instead of appealing to new customers. This is no way to ensure a venue’s longevity! We not only want to ensure that users are able to find new and great places to go out, we also want to enable nightclubs to help themselves and keep this great industry alive!

We have launched our coming soon social media campaign and are already proving ourselves as a fantastic news source for the industry. Twitter and Instagram users are loving our updates and are looking forward to the app’s release just as much as we are! The #iamclubber and #OwnTheNight campaigns are building and will grow in popularity nearer to the full app’s release.

As we move forward and after release, we will be ramping up our social media campaign to incorporate more MCC Event Picks for more locations across the UK and YouTube videos where we do venue and event reviews that will make viewers itch to experience these places for themselves! We want MyClubConnect to be synonymous with fun and to reflect how we all feel when we fancy a big night out!

Now, don’t be a stranger! Get involved on our social media to hear all our updates and to find out when we are launching!

MCC love x

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