MyClubConnect is back with a New Blog, New Website and Better App!

Hey party people!

Apologies for the radio silence, we know it’s been a while since we’ve been in touch! But it’s only because the MCC team is working incredibly hard behind the scenes to make the MyClubConnect app the go-to resource for nightclub events in the UK and further afield! Let us tell you a bit about what we’ve been up to:

New Website!

You may have noticed, especially if you’re reading this post, that we have completely overhauled our website. Minimalistic, crisp and to the point. We’ve made it this way on purpose, reflecting the personality of MyClubConnect and the app. We want to give you everything you need to find your next night out, quickly and without fuss.

New Blog and Subscribe!

As you know, we have added a nice looking blog to the website too! Here we want to give you the information and entertainment that 1) we feel you, our users deserve, and 2) you, our users, will love 🙂 Clubbing music, best nights out, reviews of events and nightclubs, nightlife industry news – it’s all there for you 😉 Also, you can now subscribe to our newsletter that compiles the month’s best content, including updates on MyClubConnect, business partnerships and competitions. Go ahead and subscribe, make sure you don’t miss anything!

More nightclub events than any other system!

Amid lots of different, slightly boring, technical bits and bobs we’ve had to get done, we have been doing our research and are mega excited to have an even better nightclub and event database than ever! It was already the best out there by miles! Over the coming months and beyond, MyClubConnect is going to be absolutely bursting with all the amazing nights out from all over the UK for you to choose from!

MyClubConnect App is in development mode and has some awesome updates in the pipeline 😉

In addition to that, we are in development mode for updating the MyClubConnect app even further. This includes adding functionality for clubs to have even more of an input into the app. There are some top secret updates that have never been done before so make sure you use the app and stay tuned 😉 May 2018 is looking like our deadline so stay tuned!

We love you guys, thanks for the support!

All that’s left to say is thanks so much for reading this post and for using MyClubConnect! It means a lot to us and you guys give us the motivation to carry on putting this stuff together 🙂 We hope you enjoy all of our new content and if you know someone who loves a night out, get them to download MyClubConnect! You know as well as we do that there’s nowhere better to find out what’s happening in all our beloved nightclubs 🙂

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