MCC Tunage #16 – Latest Hip Hop RnB Clubbing Music ft. Migos!

Welcome to MCC Tunage!

Forget the guff, forget the long arse descriptions of the instrumentals, let’s cut through the noise to bring you the best in new clubbing music from an awesome genre, every week! Hip Hop RnB clubbing music is the focus this week 😉

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Enjoy the newest Hip Hop RnB Clubbing Music Bangers!

Young Twizzy – Carried Away

Young J Mac – Fader ft. Cory Jones

Jay Kayze – Hide in Plain Sight

Migos – What The Price

Adam Bnks – Had You ft. Hooligan Lou.

Ready for a Big Night Out? 😀

We hope these Hip Hop RnB clubbing music bangers have got you ready to dance the night away – there are a ton of nightclub events on every day of the week that need your attendance and your twerk 😉 Download the app and fulfil your duties!

MCC Love x

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