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So. You’re dying for a night out. You’ve downloaded the MyClubConnect nightclub events app. Need a little help on how to use our awesome features such as Friends Pick, Check In & Favourites? Read on clubber, read on!

MyClubConnect App Features

Click on the headings below to get thorough explanations on how to use a particular MyClubConnect feature or scroll to read it all.

Friends Pick
Check In
Discovering Nightclub Events – Featured & Recommended
Discovering Nightclub Events – Advanced Search & Filters
Discovering Nightclub Events – Use My Location
MCC Points & Rewards
Nightclub Entry Rewards

Friends Pick

Are you the group’s party organiser? You know how difficult it can be to find Events that everyone likes and that everyone can agree to… there is almost always someone who is not happy! Going out should be fun, not a chore!

Friends Pick is your solution to that problem AND it is so easy to use!

  1. Select ‘Friends Pick mode’.
  2. Search and discover new Events as usual.
  3. When you find an Event you like, press ‘Add To Selection’.
  4. On the discover screen, you will see all the Events selected in purple (you can swipe to remove a selected Event).
  5. Once you have selected all the Events you like, click ‘Share to Friends’.
  6. Give a name to your Friends Pick list, invite your friends, then click next.
  7. Your Friends Pick list has now been created and the link sent to your friends!
  8. You and your friends now rank the Events order of preference by dragging.
  9. Check ‘Overall Choices’ to see which Event will be graced with your presence!
  10. Check your past and present Friends Pick lists, ‘Overall Choices’ and your ‘Own Choices’ at any time by clicking Friends Pick from the sidebar.

Check In

When you go clubbing, we want you to Check In. “Why should I check in?”, you ask. MCC Points is why! When you check in to Events and Venues that are on the MyClubConnect app, you are rewarded with MCC Points that can be exchanged for MCC Rewards!

  1. Click ‘Check In’ on the sidebar.
  2. All the Venues and Events within a 100m radius will be displayed.
  3. Click the one you’re at and you will be awarded MCC Points!
  4. This will be done automatically if you have purchased a ticket or redeemed a Nightclub Entry Reward
  5. You can still check in at a non-participating Venue. Click ‘Get MCC Points anyway’.
  6. We will find the Venue and get them on the platform, then reward you with your MCC Points!

Discovering Nightclub Events

The main reason why we created MyClubConnect was to make discovering nightclub Events and places to go out a much easier task. We wanted you clubbers to spend less time looking for Events and more time actually enjoying them and dancing the night away! Filters, recommended Events, using your location – MyClubConnect has it all!

  1. When you first log in, you will be presented with  some Featured Events.
  2. These are Events recommended for you based on past check ins and your normal search criteria in terms of location, music policy and more!
  3. The more you use the MyClubConnect app, the better these results will be!
  4. After a while, you probably won’t need to search again!

Advanced Search & Filters

Of course, you can find your own Events and see what else is on.

  1. Once you start searching, you will see locations, Venues and Brands in the drop down.
  2. If you click on a Venue or Brand, you will go to their profile where you can see their upcoming Events.
  3. When you click on a location, you will presented with a list of upcoming Events on today’s date within 10km (you can also view this list as a map to see exactly where the Events are in comparison to your current location).

Next to the list, there is a ‘Refine Search’ drop-down list. Here is where you can tailor your search to exactly what you want to see.

  1. You can change the date and radius.
  2. You can click ‘Advanced Filters’ to really drill down into what gets you excited on a night out.
  3. You can specify the music you’d like to hear, what the dress code should be, entry prices, whether you can get nightclub entry rewards and opening and closing times!
  4. To find out more about an Event, read the description, buy tickets and get Nightclub Entry Rewards, just click on the Event!

Use My Location

Now, how many times have you been in an unfamiliar part of town and wanted to know what’s on around you? If you’re anything like us, this happens to you on the regular!

  1. You can search for Events by simply clicking ‘Use My Location’ when you start typing.
  2. You can still use the standard ‘Refine Search’ options once you’ve pressed ‘Use My Location’.

MCC Points & Rewards

MCC Points & MCC Rewards are our way of saying thank you to our clubbers for using the MyClubConnect app and contributing to the nightlife ecosystem. We want you to get rewarded for doing something you love – going out clubbing!

  1. We work with different companies and Brands to bring you rewards in the app that can be redeemed by earning MCC Points.
  2. Examples of available rewards are Nightclub Entry Rewards, drinks deals and even clubbing holidays!
  3. After you have downloaded the MyClubConnect app and made your first check in, you will receive 250 MCC Points as a welcome to the platform!

Earning MCC Points

There are a number of other ways you can earn MCC Points on the app:

Check In – check in to Venues and Events when you attend them.

  1. You can find the Events & Venues at which you can check in within a 20m radius by clicking ‘Check In’ on the sidebar.
  2. You can only earn MCC Points when you check in to Events with Venues and Brands that are active on the platform.

Buying Tickets – you will automatically receive MCC Points without the need to check in when you buy tickets.

  1. The higher the price of the ticket, the more MCC Points you will receive.
  2. You can buy tickets to an Event by clicking ‘Buy Tickets’ at the bottom of any Event screen where tickets are available.

Share the app – Sharing the app with your friends and everyone who would find it useful is a great way to build up your MCC Points quickly.

  1. You get 50 MCC Points for every person you get to download the app and check in at least once – there is no limit to how many MCC Points you can get this way!
  2. You can share the app with your friends in a number of ways – you can share an Event/Venue/Brand with them, get them to rank Events through Friends Pick or share your personal MCC link with them (which you can find by clicking on ‘MCC Points’ on the sidebar.
  3. In each case, your friend will need to download the app to see what you have sent them and check in once for you to get your MCC Points!

Feature on our Instagram – submit your best clubbing photos (the messier the better) for a chance to feature on our Instagram!

  1. All you have to do is submit your  Instagram image link once you have clicked on ‘Feature on our Instagram’ on the sidebar.
  2. If we pick your Instagram image, you will receive a massive 500 MCC Points!

You can see all the rewards we have on offer by clicking ‘MCC Points’ in the sidebar and scrolling through at the bottom of the screen. Most rewards will take you through to our site if you want to see more details.

Nightclub Entry Rewards

Nightclub Entry Rewards are one of the best ways to spend your MCC Points and get rewarded for going out clubbing through the MyClubConnect app! This MCC Reward is essentially a free entry that you can redeem at any participating Event. It is a way for Venues using MyClubConnect to give back to you, the clubbers.

  1. Filter for Events that offer Nightclub Entry Rewards by using the advanced filters in the Discover screens.
  2. Events that offer Nightclub Entry Rewards have a special symbol to show they are offering free entries in exchange for MCC Points.
  3. Once you have found an Event you like offering Nightclub Entry Rewards, you simply need to click ‘Get in FREE with MCC Points’ on the Event screen!
  4. Show the QR code that will appear in your tickets on the door to gain entry.
  5. To find your purchased tickets and redeemed Nightclub Entry Rewards, click ‘Tickets’ on the sidebar.


How many times have you found an Event you liked online, moved on to something else, then forgot what it was? Or how many times have you been to an awesome Venue but couldn’t remember its name? That is the whole point of our Favourites feature!

  1. Click the heart button on any Event screen or a Venue/Brand’s profile to favourite.
  2. This saves that Event/Venue/Brand in your Favourites for easy access later.
  3. You will find all your Favourites when you click ‘Favourites’ in the sidebar.
  4. You will receive 20% more MCC Points when you check in to, or buy tickets from, that Venue/Brand!
  5. You will get notifications from those Venues/Brands about upcoming Events, special offers and important updates about their Events!
  6. You will receive no more than 2 notifications per week, per Venue/Brand.
  7. However, if you turn off these notifications from your favourites, you will no longer get the 20% more MCC Points.


Through MyClubConnect, you can purchase tickets to any nightclub Event at Venues that have made them available on the app.

  1. To buy tickets, click ‘Buy Tickets’ at the bottom of any Event screen.
  2. We will take you through the purchase process where you enter your card details etc.
  3. Once you have bought tickets, we will attribute your MCC Points for check in automatically.
  4. Show the QR code on the door to gain entry. To find your purchased tickets, click ‘Tickets’ on the sidebar.
  5. When you click ‘Tickets’ in the sidebar, there is a drop down which will enable you to view all upcoming Events and past ticket purchases.

Please remember that the information provided above is subject to change – we will endeavour to keep this page updated as much as possible and also keep you informed of any major changes. If there is anything you think is incorrect, shoot us an email at [email protected].

MCC love x

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