The Great British Hangover Cure in 4 easy steps!

Hangovers are awful! The Great British hangover is even worse! But, because #iamclubber, there is a foolproof method for getting over any hangover! Read this to yourself and you’ll be fine! We at MyClubConnect do it almost daily ????

Step 1: MAN/WOMAN UP!!!

Stop being a little bitch!

You needed to hear it, #sorrynotsorry! Yes, hangovers hurt… yes, a hangover makes you want to puke… yes, hangovers makes even the thought of alcohol unbearable… but #iamclubber… and no-one’s gonna stop me from making more euphoric night clubbing memories!

Step 2: Download the MyClubConnect App and find your next night out!

Just download the app!

No matter how heavy your head is, just do it – DOWNLOAD

Step 3: Drink

More wine please!

Hair of the Dog, need we say more? Get it down you!

Step 4: Hit the Club

Alien and man dancing

Go the club night you found on the app. Enjoy it. Get mashed. Make memories.


MCC love x

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