9 Clubbing Don’ts that every clubber needs to avoid on a big night out!

These are MyClubConnect’s 9 clubbing don’ts. Yeah, clubbing is where we are free and free to have fun… but there are things that non-twats just don’t do!

Clubbing Don’ts 1: Don’t be a dick and push in the queues. Whether it’s to get into the club or in line at the bar, everyone wants the same thing so wait your turn…nob…

Clubbing Don’ts 2: Don’t stink. BO is a no-no, deo is a go-go – dance floors are chock full of sweaty clubbers, don’t be needlessly adding to the stench!

Clubbing Don’ts 3: Don’t get too bothered about someone accidentally bumping into you – they didn’t mean it and if everyone is so sober that bumping into people never happened then it would be one boring club!

Clubbing Don’ts 4: Don’t forget to know where you are heading before you go there, even if you’re at the pub or bar and a spontaneous night is called. Obviously we recommend using common sense, the common sense being download and use the MyClubConnect app ????

Clubbing Don’ts 5: Don’t take photos allllllll the time! Take one, take a couple, that’s enough to document the night. Any more and you’re just unnecessarily blinding people!