Club Event for Nights Out in London | #MCCEventPicks

Club Events for Nights Out in London | #MCCEventPicks

London is one of the UK’s top party hotspots with some of the best nightclub events around!  Among London nightclubs are some of the biggest and most famous nightclubs in the world, hosting the biggest DJs and club nights. Some  nightclubs in London are extremely popular and many visit the capital specifically for nights out in London.

Nightclubs in London

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There are a number of huge nightclubs in London that are dotted around town in a few nightclub hotspots, each with a distinct flavour & type of clubbing clientele. We have grouped these into four categories of London party hotspots below for you. But one thing is for sure, there are nights out in London for everyone!

1. Shoreditch, Hoxton & Dalston

Shoreditch, Hoxton & Dalston are among the most hipster areas of London and known as the birthplace of the Hackney hipster. Hipsters are notorious for being first adopters and trendsetters. This translates into an area absolutely brimming full of exciting nightlife with clubs in East London catering for every taste. Famous DJs are a common fixture in Shoreditch, Hoxton & Dalston with electronic and house music the most common genres. For Shoreditch nightclubs, you have Concrete Shoreditch, Club Aquarium, Cargo Club London, XOYO Shoreditch and many more. Where Dalston nightclubs and Hoxton clubs are concerned, you can’t go wrong with Dalston Rooftop, The Nest Dalston, Queen of Hoxton, Hoxton Pony, Daslton Superstore and co.!

2. Brixton, Vauxhall & Clapham

Brixton & Clapham have fantastic underground club scenes and are very diverse areas. This brings with it a wide array of London nightclub events that stretch long into the night and even the morning with all night parties as standard. Brixton clubs include Prince of Wales Brixton, Phonox Brixton & Club 414 while for Clapham clubs you are spoilt for choice with Fu Manchu, Infernos Clapham and SO UK Clapham. Vauxhall itself is a hotbed of LGBT events and nightclubs, nevertheless the overriding mission of the area as a whole is to party, and party hard! With Vauxhall clubs such as Fire Vauxhall, Vauxhall Tavern and Union Vauxhall, it is not hard to imagine!

3. Camden & King’s Cross

Camden, need we say much more? Camden nightlife is renowned for its live music scene and is definitely the place to be heard. Camden nightclubs continue this trend with the musically intelligent crowd transferring the euphoria of the concert to the club night. Camden nightclubs such as Koko Club Camden are definite musts. King’s Cross clubs are just up the road and the area’s recent regeneration has brought with it fantastic economic benefits, not least a much improved nightlife offering with some fantastic King’s Cross clubs springing up such as Scala King’s Cross & Egg King’s Cross.

4. Soho, Mayfair & Leicester Square

The place to be and be seen in London, with celebrities and famous people a common sight in Leicester Square clubs, Mayfair nightclubs and on a Soho night out. Commercial, RnB and Hip Hop club nights are the order of the day in London’s exclusive Mayfair area with nightclubs such as Mahiki Mayfair, Piccadilly Institute, Drama Mayfair, Zoo Bar and Club & Café de Paris club all packed in. Soho is a world-renowned LGBT quarter with its cabarets and wine bars aplenty. You will hear all manner of music genres in Soho nightclubs but don’t be surprised to hear some disco and funk blaring out of the sound system on a Soho night out at nightclubs such as Freedom Bar, Club 49 Soho and Madame Jojo!

Nights Out in London with #MCCEventPicks

Through #MCCEventPicks above, we give you the 5 best upcoming nights out in London from the app so you can easily decide on your next big London club events!

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