Bevy Butler – London Clubbing Pre-drinks just got easier!

As you well know, we at My Club Connect are all about clubbing. Clubbing in London is some of the best in the world and our app is about making it as fun, easy and stress free as possible. It goes without saying therefore that any technology that goes some way to helping clubbers is right up our street. Bevy is one such bit of technology and is making a doddle out of London clubbing pre-drinks!

Bevy butler delivering drinks in bevy bags

Why would clubbers need Bevy?

Let’s set the scene. The decision is being made to have a big night out clubbing in London. You have found an awesome nightclub event that absolutely requires the squad’s attendance. You’re ready and everyone’s coming over for a big London clubbing pre-drinks! You’ve got enough to worry about, what with the playlist and drinking games, you haven’t got time for a beer run! Cue Bevy.

Let’s set another scene. You’ve had a banging night out at the club. Some of the squad and new recruits are coming back to yours for an after party. Beer runs are out of the question, shops are miles away or closed. Cue Bevy.

What exactly is Bevy?

Bevy is your beverage butler app and it’s an absolute no-brainer to have on your phone! They always use local shop prices, in other words it’s cheap. Plus, it’s not just booze – it’s mixers, it’s snacks and fags too! All essentials for a London clubbing pre-drinks 😉 We are going to be doing a nightclub review very soon and will be using Bevy on the video to show you just how easy it is – make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it 🙂

We’ve also been in touch with the powers that be at Bevy and they have assured us of a couple of very important things. One, they are looking to move further afield than zones 1 & 2 in London – similar to MCC! Two, our friends at Bevy have given us a 20% discount to have your favourite tipples delivered right to your door in minutes. Just enter promocode: MCC at checkout on and enjoy!

MCC love x

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